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Course Support

How it works

Course Support Hotline: 844-428-8327- for Day Of Event - if a cyclist who is on-course needs help - they may call this number. 

We provide extensive support for you (wear your bib at all times to access support):

  • Bike RepairEvent Hotline
  • Support Vehicles
  • Ride Along Mechanics
  • Medics
  • Motorcycle Support
  • Stationary Mechanics
  • Nourishing foods including sandwiches and nutritional bars
  • Water and electrolytes
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Rest Stop Information Maps that inform you about the upcoming leg of the course

How to call for a Support Vehicle

Our friendly, supportive drivers are out on course to help you have a fantastic day. You may never see these vehicles, but they’re out there and are dispatched as needed. Call the Course Support Hotline and a vehicle will be dispatched to help you.

Due to the expansiveness of the course, it may take a while for someone to reach you, so make sure you are in a safe location until they arrive.

Some things you should know about the Support Vehicle:

  • Event Support VanIt is not a personalized direct shuttle service
  • You will be shuttled along with other riders.
  • The support vehicle will not go directly to the finish line.
  • The route and the length of time to the finish line will be determined by the needs of all riders in the event.
  • A participant may use the support vehicle by being taken further down the course ( bumped ahead) or to be taken to the finish line.

When to us a Support Vehicle

  • When you’re too tired to continue riding.
  • When you want to rest while getting ahead on course.
  • Mechanical or medical issues prevent you from riding any more.

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