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Online Registration has closed.  Onsite registration will be available the morning of the Climb.

Event Day Schedule

START TIMES: VIP and Top 3 Fundraisers in each category will have option to line up first in preferred category. Categories will begin with Advanced Climbers, Intermediate Climbers, Beginner Climbers and followed by Firefighters and Law Enforcement, finishing with those in full gear. We ask that participants arrive and check in at 8am to allow for check-in, gear check, etc. Climbers will climb individually in 10 second intervals. Firefighters and Law Enforcement will climb in 15 second intervals.

CLIMBER START: 9:00 AM. Law Enforcement Gear requirements: Shorts, shirt, running shoes, and soft body armor. You must show agency/department I.D. at check in.

Each participant will be briefly inspected prior to entering the stairwell to ensure the proper equipment is worn during the course of the event. Failure to wear the proper equipment will subject the L.E. officer to disqualification in the L.E. challenge. In this case, the officer may participate in the non-First responder challenge.

FIREFIGHTERS START: **PLEASE NOTE** You must be a certified firefighter to compete in the firefighter division. You must show agency/department I.D. at check in.

Gear requirements: FULL structural firefighting gear - boots, pants, and coat (liners intact), helmet and gloves. Hoods, mask and SCBA will not be worn.

Each firefighter participant is required to use gear which meets current NFPA structural firefighting standards. Gear that is not issued by your department for structural firefighting must meet NFPA 1971-2007 for structural firefighting. In the event that your fire department does not issue bunker gear, boots or helmets that comply, entrants must use the gear issued by your department that meets the next most current NFPA requirements.

Each participant will be briefly checked prior to entering the stairwell to ensure the proper equipment is worn during the course of the event. Gear that is found to be not fire department issue, and does not meet current NFPA requirements will subject the participant to disqualification in the Firefighter challenge. In this case, the participant may participate in the non-firefighter challenge.


Please use available street parking and the Simmons Tower parking deck.

Simmons Tower
425 West Capitol Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72201

Click here for directions to the event.


ELECTRONIC TIMING: The event will be chip timed using the latest chip technology. Each individual will wear a chip to be in the Overall or Team results and be eligible for overall, age-group and team awards. Since the event is electronically timed, teams do not have to all start together. We will stagger individuals for safety concerns and so the stairwells will never be overcrowded.

TEAM AWARDS: Groups of four or more can form a team and compete against other climb teams. Your team may consist of men and women in any age category. The three fastest times on your team will be combined to determine the winners. Each team member's individual time will count toward individual awards. The fastest team in each category will receive a special trophy/plaque.

Teams in each category with the most participants will also receive a special trophy/plaque. First Responder Teams MUST wear Permitted Gear to be eligible for Team awards.

Team fundraising awards will be awarded 30 days after the event.

INDIVIDUAL AWARDS: 1ST Place Overall Fastest male/female will receive a trophy. Medals will be given to the top three overall male/female finishers.

FIRST RESPONDER AWARDS: 1st Place Overall Fastest male/female Firefighter will receive a trophy. 1st Place Overall Fastest male/female Law Enforcement will receive a trophy. Medals will be given to Top 3 Overall Fastest Firefighters/Law Enforcement male/female.

AGE GROUP AWARDS: Top 2 male/female in each category will receive a medal for the following age group divisions: 14 & under (minimum age to participate is 10) / 15-19 / 20-24 / 25-29 / 30-34 / 35-39 / 40-44 / 45-49 / 50-54 / 55-59 / 60-64 / 65+.

FIRE DEPARTMENT TRAVELING TROPHY: The Fastest Fire Department Team will win the Traveling Trophy which they will have to keep on display for 1 year. Departments must wear full gear in the Fire Department Challenge to qualify. Teams must have at least 4 members.

Safety Procedures

To ensure the safety of all climbers and allow for the best experience, please pass slower climbers on the left, and let them know you are coming from behind to pass. You should always climb on the right side of the stairwell unless you are passing. Emergency teams will be located at the bottom and top in case you need assistance. Volunteers will be available at the water stations to notify them if you need help

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