Thank you so much for being part of the LUNG FORCE Walk San Francisco! Crissy Field was filled with TURQUOISE the signature color of the LUNG FORCE movement as hundreds of walkers, volunteers and supporters made their way around the area for our 5K Walk in support of lung health. Participants visited also our Mission Tents and enjoyed the activities featured in our Festival Area hosted by Sports Basement Presidio.

Check out photos from the LUNG FORCE Walk San Francisco. Send us your pictures and we will add them in our album. Be sure to share our photos, and yours, with your friends and family.

Don’t Forget! There is still time to help raise much needed funds to support lung cancer research! You have until December 8, 2014 to meet your fundraising goals and earn awesome incentive prizes!

Incentive Prizes!

Go to your Participant Center today and send an email to your friends, family and coworkers asking for their support a $25 donation will go a long way in helping to find a cure for lung cancer!

Thank you once again for being part of the first LUNG FORCE Walk in San Francisco! It was an amazing and inspiring event - all because of you! Whether you were a walker, volunteer or supporter you made a difference in the lives of those with living with lung cancer, asthma, COPD and other lung diseases. See you again next year!

Lung Force Walk

Lung Force Walk