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Tri Goddess Tri: Michigan's Premiere Women's Only Triathlon

Tri Goddess Tri is now partnering with the American Lung Association to help raise funds and awareness. A portion of each race entry will be donated.

  • When: Sunday, June 22, 2014 at 7:30AM
  • Where: Portage Lake Beach, Waterloo Recreation Area (20 Miles West of Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Race Capacity: 550 (all fields)

The Tri Goddess Tri is June 22, 2014.You must first register with the triathlon by CLICKING HERE TO REGISTER and use the ALA discount code ALATRIS10.  This will give you 10% off your Tri Goddess registration.   

Once you have registered with the triathlon, you can officially join the Powered By Lungs Race Team by registering here for your Tri Goddess fundraising page.

Interested in Free Registration?

Who isn’t?  To apply with the American Lung Association for one of (6) free Tri Goddess Tri registrations you must meet one or more of the following qualifications:

  1. Be a member of the 2014 Fight For Air Climb Ambassadors Club
  2. Have raised $500 or more for a 2014 Michigan American Lung Association Event
  3. Commit to raise at least $500 for the 2014 Tri Goddess Tri
  4. Tell us why you deserve to receive free registration

Still interested?  Submit your qualifications to Jessie at jjimenez@midlandlung.org

Each Tri Goddess Tri Powered By Lungs Racer will receive:

  • Training tech-shirt
  • Access to the Powered By Lungs post-race area (TBD)
  • Personal fundraising website
  • Fundraising resources and support provided by the ALA staff
  • Guaranteed registration to the ALA’s Fight For Air Climb Detroit race in 2014* (*must register before the “climb” sells out and before online registration closes)
  • Preferred registration to other ALA race events and partnered races including runs, triathlons and bike treks
  • Discounts on ALA race team and ALA event merchandise and training gear

In order to receive full benefits Powered by Lungs race team runners must:

  • Register for their for their choice of races with Tri Goddess Tri prior to the event selling out
  • Confirm their ALA Powered By Lungs race team status by registering here
  • Meet the Powered By Lungs Racer fundraising requirement designated by their race option by June 13, 2014

Fundraising Commitments for Tri Goddess Tri Powered By Lungs Race Team 

Sprint: $100
Mini-Sprint: $150
Duathlon: $200
Volunteer: $0 - Contact Us to Volunteer

For more information contact the event staff at 248-784-2000 or jjimenez@midlandlung.org.

Race Options

Sprint - 1/2 mile (that is 32 lengths in the pool) swim, 10.7 mile bike, 3 mile run.   Part of the run is a trail run with one steep downhill.

Mini-Sprint - 1/4 mile (that is 16 lengths in the pool) swim , 10.7 mile bike, 1.5 mile run.  Part of the run is on a trail with one steep downhill.

Duathlon - 1.5 mile run, 10.7 mile bike, 3 mile run.   Part of the run is a trail run with one steep downhill. This is an open bike course. Police, sheriff and support crew will be along the course at major intersections and all turns.

Race Summary

The Tri Goddess mission is to inspire women of all fitness abilities to set and reach new health and fitness goals through the training and completion of a triathlon. This races celebrates women with many unique features and awards…AND tons of fun! It’s put on by women who know how to make triathlon special. Held at Big Portage Lake, just 12 miles west of Chelsea. Remote, beautiful, quiet, and safe. Mini sprint race designed for women trying their first triathlon. The “time trial swim start” is new this year and may help to relieve some of that swim anxiety.

What is a time trial swim start? The swimmers line up on the beach, and are allowed by the race starter to enter the water at short regular intervals, usually 3-5 seconds. This is an alternative to the traditional “wave” start where a large group of athletes start all at once.

For more information on the race including race options, USAT vs. Non-USAT registration requirements, lodging, packet pick-up and more CLICK HERE.


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