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Powered By Lungs - Detroit Marathon

Join the Powered By Lungs Race Team for the 2014 Detroit Free Press Marathon!

The Detroit Free Press Marathon is Sunday, October 19, 2014. You must first register with the marathon (open on January 1) and select the American Lung Association as your charity of choice!

Once you have registered with the marathon and choose the ALA as your charity partner you can confirm your Powered By Lungs Runner status by registering here for your Detroit Free Press Marathon fundraising page.

Each Detroit Free Press Marathon Powered By Lungs Runner will receive:

  • Training tech-shirt
  • Racing jersey
  • Training Run options
  • Pasta Dinner on Marathon Weekend
  • Access to the Powered By Lungs Conquered post-race area
  • Personal fundraising website
  • Fundraising resources and support provided by the ALA staff
  • Training Program/Guide
  • Guaranteed registration to the ALA’s Fight For Air Climb Detroit race in 2014* (*must register before the “climb” sells out and before online registration closes)
  • Preferred registration to other ALA race events and partnered races including runs, triathlons and bike treks
  • Discounts on ALA race team and ALA event merchandise and training gear

In order to receive full benefits Powered by Lungs race team runners must:

  • Register for their for their choice of races with the Detroit Free Press Marathon prior to the event selling out
  • Select the American Lung Association as their charity of choice race team
  • Confirm their ALA Powered By Lungs race team status by registering here
  • Meet the Powered By Lungs Racer fundraising requirement designated by their race option by September 29, 2014

Fundraising Commitments for Detroit Free Press Marathon Powered By Lungs Runners

Full Marathon


International and U.S. Half Marathon


Marathon Relay Team Member




For more information contact the event staff at 248-784-2000 or jjimenez@midlandlung.org.

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