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Join the Force for lung health

November 3 LUNG FORCE Run/Walk Atlanta GA

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November 3, 2018 8:00 AM (ET)

John Howell Memorial Park | Atlanta, Georgia

LUNG FORCE Run/Walk - Atlanta

Help us defeat lung cancer and lung disease one step at a time.

Join us as we run and walk together to raise awareness and funds to defeat lung cancer and raise our voices for lung health. LUNG FORCE Run/Walks are a time to laugh, learn and imagine a world free of lung disease. Our run/walks promote fitness and help forge lasting connections between participants.

Your support saves lives by funding key lung cancer research and providing people who are impacted by lung cancer with invaluable resources, assistance and information. Get involved today by forming a team, registering as an individual or participating virtually.

Why Do We Walk?

  • Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of women.
  • Anyone can get it – if you have lungs, you can get lung cancer, and it's on the rise in women.
  • Because every 5 minutes, a woman in the United States is told that she has lung cancer.
  • More than 33 million Americans suffer from asthma, COPD (which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis), and other lung diseases.

By joining our LUNG FORCE Run/Walk and raising funds, you can help make a difference for all those affected by lung disease.. Now is the time to raise our voices against lung cancer—and for lung health. Together, we are a FORCE to be reckoned with!

Register today and make a self-donation of $33 or more to receive a LUNG FORCE Koozie!

Join us for the LUNG FORCE Run/Walk - Atlanta on November 3, 2018 at 8:00 AM (ET).

John Howell Memorial Park
869 Virginia Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306


  • Our Progress
  • Our Goal $131,000.00
  • Together, We've Raised

Top Participants

    1. Self-donation Karen McClelland - $1,000.00
    2. Milestone Self-donation Susan Jacobsohn - $924.00
    3. Milestone Jannifer Harper - $880.00
    4. Milestone Self-donation Dawn Itzie - $833.00
    5. Milestone Self-donation Kimberly Bradigan - $597.00
    6. Milestone Self-donation Katreena Gilmore - $300.00
    7. Self-donation Sara Bigsby - $245.00
    8. Milestone Brenda Shorter - $140.00
    9. Milestone Self-donation Ralitza Martin - $100.00
    10. Self-donation Viranuj Sueblinvong - $100.00


    Top Teams

      1. STRIVE Michael UPS - $1,000.00
      2. Steve's Co-Pilots - $924.00
      3. Dr. Jan - $880.00
      4. Team Itzie - $833.00
      5. Team Mimi & Team Doug - $597.00
      6. Emory Iron Lung - $400.00
      7. #dunsonstrong - $333.00
      8. Roxie's Rebels - $320.00
      9. The Lung and the Restless - $253.00
      10. Team Snuffy - $230.00



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