Step Up to the Challenge

Fight For Air Climb. Step Up to the Challenge!

February 03, 2018 | 8 AM (ET)

Bank of America Tower | Jacksonville, FL 42 Floors, 838 Steps

Fight For Air Climb - Jacksonville

When you participate in a Fight For Air Climb, you are stepping up to make a positive impact in the lives of those affected by lung disease. Participants raise funds to support the mission of the American Lung Association while training to climb the stairs of a skyscraper.

Whether you are climbing alone or with friends and family, as a part of a healthy lifestyle or in honor of all those who are affected by lung disease, you will achieve a sense of personal accomplishment as you reach the top of the building and the height of your fundraising potential. Every step you take moves us forward in our fight for healthy lungs and clean air.

We encourage you to start today and are here to help you, from the first step in your Climb all the way to the top.

We are pleased to offer training sessions in the months leading up to the Fight For Air Climb. Training's are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 PM 7 PM and on Saturdays from 9 AM 10:30 AM. All participants will be required to sign the practice waiver and check-in/check-out with a member of the Lung Association staff at each practice. We look forward to seeing you at a practice session soon.

Contact us with questions or for more information.

  • Our Progress
  • Our Goal $155,000.00
  • Together, We've Raised

Top Teams

    1. Merrill Lynch Climbers - $11,094.00
    2. Flight 42 - $5,088.00
    3. Putnam KBD - $2,822.00
    4. Fight and Flight - Crowley - $2,808.52
    5. St. Johns Co Firefighters - $2,617.00
    6. Breath Savers - $1,654.00
    7. McGuireWoods - $890.00
    8. Flightin' High - $686.00
    9. TEAm - $685.00
    10. Jacksonville Fire Fighters - $658.00


    Top Participants

      1. Milestone Paul Wagner - $3,114.00
      2. Milestone Personal Gift Jeremy LaTraverse - $2,229.00
      3. Milestone Personal Gift Tim Mosier - $1,310.00
      4. Milestone Personal Gift Donny Kwon - $1,260.00
      5. Milestone Carly Gunby - $1,155.00
      6. Milestone Personal Gift Dana Current - $1,040.00
      7. Milestone Personal Gift Mandy Hunter - $1,038.00
      8. Milestone Kate Mays - $1,000.00
      9. Milestone Personal Gift Winton Mays - $1,000.00
      10. Milestone Personal Gift David Baker - $1,000.00


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