Step Up to the Challenge

Fight For Air Climb. Step Up to the Challenge!

January 22, 2017 |

U.S. Bancorp Tower | Portland, Oregon

Fight For Air Climb - Portland

FFA Climb In Honor Of

Climb one of Oregon’s tallest buildings in the 5th annual Fight For Air Climb!

In honor of our 5th year, you can climb “Big Pink” up to 5 times! You also have five options to select from depending on your fitness level. The Climb in one stairwell is 40 floors. You can choose to do the second stairwell once you ride the elevators back to the lobby and go for 80 floors. If that’s not enough for you, there is the opportunity to do 120, 160 or 200 floors! Water stops will be provided in both stairwells to ensure you stay hydrated.

The Fight For Air Climb is a stairclimb event or as some like to call it a “vertical foot race.” This is a timed event that can be done by family members of all ages as well as the serious “elite” athletes. Stair climbing is easy on the joints and has lower impact compared to walking. It’s a total body workout which involves your legs, lungs, heart and upper body.

There are four categories to choose from:

  • Climber: This group will make up the majority of our participants. This is for those who want to have fun and enjoy their climb for a good cause.
  • Elite Climber: If you're a competitive stair climber or you are an athlete who likes to compete, this is your category.
  • First Responder: This is for Firefighters, Police, Military or EMT's that will participate in full gear.
  • Virtual Climber: This is for those who want to raise awareness and funds, but cannot attend. They can even join a team!

By joining the Fight for Air Climb, you are helping to make a positive impact in the lives of those affected by lung disease. Participants raise funds to support the mission of the American Lung Association while training to climb the stairs of a skyscraper, stadium, or other landmark building. Make the most of your experience and climb as a part of a team. Teams consist of friends, family and co-workers who want to help raise awareness and funds to support research, patient programs and advocacy efforts. You can climb as an individual, but climbing as a part of a team increases the impact you can make!

Contact us anytime and check back often for updates on the Fight for Air Climb!

  • Our Progress
  • Our Goal $75,750.00
  • Together, We've Raised

Top Teams

    1. PerseverePDX - 9Round - $611.00
    2. Steps of Change - $343.00
    3. The Jeffersons - $258.00
    4. Home Forward - $236.00
    5. MHCC RT - $193.00
    6. All Walks All Levels - $162.00
    7. Noble Nodes - $129.00
    8. Fit 4 Excellence - $129.00
    9. Debbie's Lungs - $100.00
    10. Choi's Taekwondo - $63.00


    Top Participants

      1. Milestone Self Donor Carol Brown - $780.00
      2. Bryan Hackler - $245.00
      3. Self Donor Kendra Castaldo - $236.00
      4. Stacey Clark - $160.00
      5. Self Donor Laura Schultz - $150.00
      6. Mary Sepulveda - $143.00
      7. Self Donor Colleen Miller - $129.00
      8. Self Donor Anne Nelson - $129.00
      9. Self Donor Michael Lee - $129.00
      10. Kevin Colling - $100.00


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