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Fight For Air Ride

Saturday Start 2017
Saturday Start 2017


Let’s make sure everyone can benefit from healthy lungs

We are Riding to represent all those who suffer from lung disease. You can support us in our efforts by donating, sharing our page, or joining us on the Ride! Your generosity would mean a lot to us and all those who benefit from the work of the American Lung Association. There are riders of all skill levels, and it is three days you will never forget. 

Lung disease is on the rise and your donation would help fund research and provide education and advocacy efforts. One pedal at a time, you can help me ride for a better tomorrow.

To help support my efforts, and to change lives, please click on the Donate button.

$33.00 which represents the 33+ million who suffer from lung disease

$60.00 that provides 4 callers with support through the Lung HelpLine

$129.00 which represents the $129 billion in costs tied to lung disease

$255.00 which represents the 25.5 million Americans living with asthma

Together we can fight lung disease successfully!

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