June 9 - June 11, 2017 |

Crystal Lake, IL | Lake Geneva, WI

Fight For Air Ride

Registration for this event is now closed.
If you would like to register please arrive on-site at McHenry County College on Friday at 7:00am.

Please note important event day information! Each day we will be starting at 8:00am.

Route Maps

Day One (Illinois to Wisconsin Route)

Day Two (Wisconsin Route)

Day Three (Wisconsin to Illinois Route)

* There will be a change in parking at McHenry Community College - please click here to see where to park for the weekend!


Cycle the rolling hills of northern Illinois and around the lakes of southern Wisconsin.   Each participant will enjoy the beautiful scenery as they ride 150 miles in support of the American Lung Association. Ride for a personal achievement, a new cycling experience or to honor a loved one affected by lung disease.

Whatever your reason, your ride will make a difference in the Fight For Air!  Whether you're a 2-Day or 3-Day Rider, each participant will begin their adventure at McHenry County College in Crystal Lake, IL. Each night, luxury accommodations are provided at the Abbey Resort and Spa in Lake Geneva, WI.

You’ll have the ability to customize your Personal Webpage and share your reason for riding, send emails to ask others to join you, and even download Facebook and smart phone apps. We are here to help you, from the first pedal in your ride all the way to the finish line!

Contact us as we are here to help answer any questions you may have.

  • Our Progress
  • Our Goal $165,000.00
  • Together, We've Raised

Top Teams

    1. Spokes - $16,444.02
    2. Fitt-Rx - $15,824.00
    3. Elmhurst Bicycle Club - $13,380.00
    4. Snoopy - $13,243.00
    5. NOW Health Group: A Ride for Elwood - $11,322.85
    6. Team Barbie - $9,732.00
    7. CCC-UIC - $8,136.00
    8. Don't Sweat It - $7,925.65
    9. Linda's Pedal Pushers - $6,840.00
    10. LIVESTRANGE - $6,461.00


    Top Participants

      1. Milestone Self Donor Ken Wake - $10,091.00
      2. Milestone Self Donor Howard Mark Switalla - $6,820.00
      3. Milestone Joseph Giglio - $3,500.00
      4. Milestone Christopher Woll - $3,408.20
      5. Milestone Self Donor David Bein - $3,353.77
      6. Milestone Self Donor Steve Levinthal - $3,339.00
      7. Milestone Self Donor John Rooney - $3,320.00
      8. Milestone Self Donor Daniel Cammarata - $2,910.00
      9. Milestone Self Donor Linnea Myers - $2,269.00
      10. Milestone Self Donor Lynn Korff - $2,146.00


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