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Theo on our family vacation to Disneyland in August 2016
Theo on our family vacation to Disneyland in August 2016











Together Healing Each Other or T.H.E.O

On July 9th, 2015 a beautiful baby boy came into our lives. Our nephew, Theodore stole our hearts immediately. His love didn't discriminate and was unwaivering. Theo was a happy child, he always had a wrinkly nose crooked smile for anyone who wanted one. He was a natural explorer and problem solver. He loved cuddling with his family, swimming, eating (and sometimes throwing) Cheerios, playing pirate peek-a-boo, watching sports with his Dad, sharing coffee with his Mom, and playing with spoons. He adored animals and looking through every book he could get his tiny hands on. Theo was born with Reactive Airway Disease, him and his parents spent many nights in the hospital and the emergency room. Every best effort was given by his parents, family, and doctors. Our family was devastated when Theo passed away on September 13th, 2016. His laugh, smile and love is greatly missed by everyone who lived life with Theo. 

    We are dedicating this ride in the memory of Theo and in honor of his parents, Tom and Jessica. With the money raised we are hoping that we can give hope and help to a family that needs it. Your donations would help fund research and provide education and advocacy efforts. Through the ride we hope to help heal each other one effort and pedal stroke at a time. The pain of our loss is with us everyday, it's a sting that will always be there, what we're hoping to do is to give our pain a purpose. Please help us give hope to another family.

From our family to your's, thank you.

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Together we can fight lung disease successfully!

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