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Let’s make sure everyone can benefit from healthy air and lungs.


We are a group of Paramedics that work together in Multnomah County Oregon. We love our community and love the work we do. Unfortunately lung disease is something that we deal with in our patients on a daily basis, and is something that millions of people suffer from around the world. Part of being a paramedic is community education, and working to make the community a better place. What better way to do that then to bike 100 miles raising money for improving lung health and preventing lung disease. 

We are riding to represent all those who suffer from lung disease, especially those who are close to our heart. You can support us in our efforts just by donating. Your generosity would mean a lot to us and all those who benefit from the work of the American Lung Association.

Lung disease is on the rise and your donation would help fund research and provide education and advocacy efforts. One pedal at a time, you can help us ride for a better tomorrow.

To help support our efforts, and to change lives, please click on the Donate button.

Together we can fight lung disease successfully!

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