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American Lung Association in California
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American Lung Association

Extend Vital Programs To Cut Diesel Soot And Promote Clean Transportation

The American Lung Association in California is sponsoring two bills critical to continued clean air progress in our state. As reported in our 2013 State of the Air report last week, California still suffers from dangerous air pollution levels that damage lung health but California’s innovative clean air laws and programs have made incredible progress toward air quality goals. Even some of the dirtiest areas in California have seen reductions in unhealthy days for smog and soot pollution of about 40% or more.  Our state’s innovative clean air incentive programs like the Carl Moyer diesel emission reduction program and the AB 118 alternative fuel and vehicle program are critical tools that are making a difference.  These two key programs provide financial assistance to achieve emission reductions above and beyond regulatory efforts.   Both programs are set to expire, and need your support.

Don’t let California clean air incentive programs expire!

California’s Carl Moyer diesel pollution reduction program helps clean up older trucks, buses and equipment that generate toxic emissions in local communities.  Over 48,000 engines have been retrofitted or replaced since the program began in 1998. The state’s AB 118 alternative fuels and vehicle technology programs are supporting the clean air transition to advanced transportation technologies like battery electric and hydrogen vehicles.  Over 29,000 advanced technology vehicles and equipment have been deployed over the past 6 years. These programs have put California on the path to meeting air quality and climate change goals but we need your support to keep going. 

Click here and tell your legislator to extend these vital clean air programs today.

Please send a note to express your support for these bills as they come through the legislative process. Contact Will Barrett for further information. Please also consider making a donation today to support the American Lung Association in California.


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