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Karen Plunkett 

American Lung Association in Tennessee 
One Vantage Way, Ste. D-220
Nashville, TN 37228

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Welcome Walkers to the 2011 Fight For Air Walk March Newsletter

Now is the time to register for the Fight For Air Walk at

Walk Talk

Knoxville Fight For Air Walk
June 4, 2011
Volunteer Landing
Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.
Walk starts at 10 a.m.

Register yourself or your team NOW at

For more information, call 865-691-7228

In addition to the paper clouds and cool wraps, collection cans and calendars are available for fundraising. Please call the office for supplies or information.

Volunteers Needed! We are looking for volunteers to assist with brochure distribution during March. Please call us if you can help!


Why We Walk

  • Lung disease is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., responsible for one in six deaths.
  • Asthma is the leading cause of missed school days.
  • COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • Air Pollution threatens the lives of millions.

These are the facts.  The Lung Health Crisis is real.

The American Lung Association's Credo

We will breathe easier when the air in every American community is clean and healthy.

We will breathe easier when people are free from the addictive grip of tobacco and the debilitating effects of lung disease.

We will breathe easier when the air in our public spaces and workplaces is clear of secondhand smoke.

We will breathe easier when children no longer battle airborne poisons or fear an asthma attack.

Until then, we are fighting for air. 

Your participation in the Fight For Air Walk will help the American Lung Association’s with its mission:  to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease.

MPACTTeam Building

  • The 1st step as a team captain, is to register your team.
  • You will then receive a walker welcome brochure by mail that includes general information and helpful tips.
  • You should then set your team recruitment goal as to how many walkers you want on your team and set a recruitment deadline date. 
  • Send an e-mail blast letting others know that you have registered yourself as a team captain, to join your team, and what your deadline is. 
  • Host a walk meet and greet or have your American Lung Association walk manager bring pizzas for an internal kickoff, to learn about the Fight For Air Walk. 
  • Use the resources available on the walk website for team recruitment ideas or talk with your walk manager. 

Team Fundraising

  • Set your personal and team fundraising goal
  • Each walker should strive to raise a minimum of $100 to receive the walk T-shirt. A simple formula is:

Each walker asks 10 people for $10 to raise $100, or double the ask, and ask 10 people for 20 dollars to raise $200.

It’s that simple!

There are many fundraising ideas for team fundraising at your place of work, church or other organizations you may belong to. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Bake sales
  • Raffles
  • Car Wash
  • Create team t-shirts and sell them for $10 each
  • Paper Cloud ImageSell paper clouds:

 Cloud Campaign:  Sell the paper clouds for a set amount ($1 each)

Cool wrapSell Cool Wraps:   Sell a cool wrap for $5 - $10 each. These will be red with the American Lung Association logo and say "Fight For Air."

A fun idea for March Madness, is to have each employee pay $5 to be able to wear his or her favorite team’s colors or T-shirts. This is a great morale boost and fun way to raise money during basketball tournament time! Let your imagination go. This is only one variation, but you can have slipper day, crazy hat day, potluck lunches, doughnut days, etc.

Please be sure to contact your walk manager about the paper clouds and the Cool Wrap fundraising materials. 


The success of the Fight For Air Walk depends greatly on the combined efforts of our walkers, volunteers and staff.  Whether you are an individual walker, team captain or team member, you are making a difference.  Because together we can accomplish monumental efforts to fight lung disease!

Thank you for committing to the American Lung Association’s Fight For Air Walk!

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