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Dear Friend,Melissa Criddle

"Even while my mom was pregnant with me, she continued to smoke for most months. Ever since I was little, I've been around second hand smoke.

I look at the change tobacco has made in my life and I try to help others. I see people smoking and I can immediately relate how their children must feel about it. I'm participating in the Fight for Air Walk and supporting the American Lung Association. Not only to help others, but to encourage my mom to finally quit smoking.

Even if I can't change her, I know that I will be changing somebody's life. Big differences don't happen without small ones."

Melissa, age 14

If you thought smoking was someone else’s problem, we are hoping Melissa’s story will change your mind.

Today the American Lung Association released its State of Tobacco Control Report. This report matters to all of us, whether we smoke or not. It highlights the fact that our state, counties and cities are, with only a few exceptions, not doing enough to reduce teen smoking (which is on the rise), help people quit smoking and protect the most susceptible (the elderly and young) from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Melissa is right, the big differences don’t happen without the small ones. Can you join Melissa in making a small difference? Here are five things you could do right now:


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