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American Lung Association


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In this issue:

Why do you climb?

Click here to learn why people just like you climb each year!  You can also submit your Why I Climb Story.


Have questions, or need help getting started? 

Contact your local climb manager:

Patty Kaplan


Cleveland Spotlight

Climb CheerleadersHey Cleveland Climbers!  We hope that everyone is thinking:  CLIMB! CLIMB! CLIMB!  It’s time to focus on your fundraising, focus on adding members to your teams, focus on some training and focus on the fact that when you get to the Observation Deck at the Terminal Tower on Saturday, March 5, 2011, you will be seeing a beautiful view of our Cleveland world.  It will also mean that you are top-notch supporters of the American Lung Association.

We’re saying hello to some recent team signups: Going Up?, GeoShib’s Kids, Brunswick Hills Fire, the Rainbow PICU, Vanessa’s Easy Breezies and Team David.  I’ve heard through the grapevine that the Sherwin Steppers from the Sherwin-Williams Company and the City of Lakewood Firefighters are busy preparing for Climb Day.  If anyone you know needs to sign up to climb, send them to the website –  Call the office if you need materials, fundraising tips or general cheering.  To paraphrase Bette Midler, “We are the wind beneath your wings!”

Fundraising Challenge

dollar-bill-125X125The 2011 Fundraising contest is on the way!

It’s a race to the top, the first 10 people to raise $500 dollars during the contest will receive a Timex Ironman Training Watch.  Also, for every $100 you raise, you will be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing for a $100 MasterCard Gift Card.  More details about the contest will be coming your way soon.

 Fight For Air Climb Webstore is now open!

FFA climb long sleeve shirtsTrain in style, show climb pride, make friends and other gym goers jealous.  Long sleeve t-shirts, hoodies, water bottles and car decals are available to buy online.  To order, visit the Official Climb Merchandise link on the climb website under Get Involved or Click here.

 Team Building Tip

Brown BagHost a brown bag lunch. Send information to your co-workers via email letting them know you are hosting a brown bag lunch.  Everyone brings their lunch to the designated area (cafeteria/lunch room) and talks about climb, training, why you climb, etc. Have current team members join in to add their expertise.  You can invite your local climb manager come with materials and to answer questions too.

 Fundraising Tip

Social NetworkingReach your $100 fundraising minimum and beyond!  Email friends, family and co-workers.  Utilize Twitter and Facebook and ask your contacts to donate/sponsor your climb for only $5.  You will be shocked at how many people will respond and even donate more than $5 to your climb.  We’ve even Break The Habitwritten the email for you.  Just customize it to your liking and it’s ready to send.  Click here for the $5 fundraiser email.  Additional fundraising tip and tools can be found on the climb website under Get Involved.

Did you know?  Your $100 can help, 50 individuals quit smoking though the ALA’s Freedom From Smoking program online.

Training Tip

graphTrack your training – It is important to track your climb training progress.  Track the activity, length of time and amount.  See where you’re going and what you need to focus on.  Click here to download a training progress chart and complete Stairclimb training guide.

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